Dirty Genes

It’s Dr. Ben Lynch’s new book coming out in January. And it’s his term for genes that aren’t working right, either due to environmental and lifestyle stressors, or variants that you are born with, or both. I was pleased that my 23 and me report came back earlier than expected, and also pleased that I could send the raw data through Strategene and get a report back almost instantly.

I expressed in the last post that I thought MTHFR was a huge piece to my puzzle, and that the rest might be just tweaking. Well that is partially true. Nothing works without methylation, so getting that to work right is the first step. But I have learned I have another major genetic variant in my COMT gene that slows my Estrogen metabolism and makes me more susceptible to Estrogen related cancers. So it’s another big answer to the why? My DUTCH test results weren’t just about MTHFR…it’s like a double whammy on the Estrogen and it’s why the numbers are what they are. So, I’m adding another supplement that supports COMT activity. SAMe.

All of this is a lot more complicated than I make it sound, I’ll be honest. Dr. Lynch provides a great deal of free education on his site and on his facebook, and I am doing my own research and studying the reports I have. I have several more variants that come into play in ways, but you don’t address every variant, or SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism, pronounced snip) by just throwing a supplement at it. In fact most of it is lifestyle changes, but as I’ve droned on about, I was already making those changes and had been for some time. Sure I took it to the next level and I continue to make small changes (looking at small dietary tweaks now) but there is no doubt I need supplemental support right now. I am making highly educated guesses and paying close attention to how I feel when I do or do not take certain supplements, but I’m not saying everyone wants to take the time to interpret their own reports and do the research and do all of the lifestyle work. Dr. Lynch says health is a four letter word, W O R K, and I totally agree. I just happen to find this work interesting and fun and I care deeply about taking as much care with my body as I have been trying to do with my spirit. There is nothing separate about those two things. Fortunately there are doctors that have trained in his methods, mostly NDs or DCs, and you might have to travel to consult with one, but they are out there. So anyone that is facing a puzzling condition, a chronic condition, or any lack of wellness can definitely find the answers.

I’m thinking maybe in about six months I’ll repeat the DUTCH test and see where I am. My MTHFR also makes me susceptible to high homocysteine levels and I’m curious what they are, but don’t want to spend the $99 on the lab test to find out. Plus I never got a level before I started supporting my methylation cycle so it would be hard to know what my efforts have affected. I will be super interested to find out what my next thermogram looks like, and I will also wait several more months to give my body time to adjust to me finally starting to put the Estrogen fires out.

Meanwhile, in other health news, I am having a lot of trouble with my dental work. Apparently my teenage orthodontics really gave me a weird bite, and getting a proper fit on the bridge to replace the root canal that was removed has been quite a challenge that has not yet been solved. The details are just too boring to write but it’s a pretty big problem right now. I still don’t have a permanent bridge in place and I am unable to chew without discomfort, so, I don’t know what those answers are going to be but I suppose I’ll find out eventually.

In other life news, it goes on. I’ve been doing some other writing work for an online class I’m going to be taking and so I don’t write here as much. I read a book called Writing Down Your Soul, actually I haven’t finished the book yet, but I have been doing some of the writing it describes and actually as much as I blab on here, I don’t feel like writing down my soul in this blog! This has always just been a place for me to express whatever I want to express, and I don’t know what more will come of it, but I also don’t have to know.  I’m thinking about these questions posed by Lorna Bevan in her latest report:

  • How is your world now radically different from your comforting illusions?
  • What has left for good?
  • What is dead in the water?
  • What’s the somatic truth of the situation?
  • What’s the one thing you’re most afraid to say about your life?
  • Where in your life are you at effect, not cause?
  • How are you underestimating yourself?
  • What is dying to be born, to be expressed?
  • What epiphany- a knowing beyond knowing- is being written in your personal Book of Revelations?

Not exactly light fare! Pretty life-changing types of things to ponder, like if you dare look at the true answers there is no turning back. But that’s a good thing. Nothing back there is real anymore. Nothing ahead of us has been decided yet. We only have each moment, each choice that is in front of us, one at a time. When I started focusing less on what to choose and more on how to choose, that’s when things started changing for me. That’s why I like information about how my body works. I make choices that fit my body, and my soul. Choices that fit my true expression. In some ways information makes things harder, but that is only because you can no longer cling to convenience or always take the easy, comfortable road. But once you learn the courage to make the choices that feel right for you and only you, things get easier. I’m getting there.

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