Fail the DUTCHie

I’m not sure there is really a pass/fail on a hormone metabolism test. But if there was, I would get a failing grade for Estrogen metabolism. I got my results back from my DUTCH test. Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. Incidentally, I hated the song “Pass the Dutchie.” But I couldn’t resist the pun.

Actually it’s not all a major mess or anything. I just have too much Estrogen because the metabolic pathways aren’t working well, and also what is being metabolized is going down the “bad” pathway much more than the “good” pathway. In short, the good pathway produces metabolites that are helpful to the body, the bad pathway produces metabolites that aren’t so good. Guess what you need to make the good pathway work well? Methylation. So there you have it. I believe we have the root cause of my breastal issues. Upon further research and studying of the report, I have another supplement to add, which is called DIM. I do not feel like looking up the full name for that abbreviation, but I have some on order and I feel quite confident at this point that it will help me greatly.

Some women end up estrogen dominant because their progesterone tapers off and they do well on progesterone boosters. I tried that with vitex and after three months I was a lot worse. Failed experiment. Now I have the labs to show the problem and so I know it’s not a lack of progesterone, it’s just too much estrogen. I’ve already eliminated/minimized environmental estrogen as best as I can, so now I need to get my own body’s estrogen pathways fired up and working correctly. Additional liver support is also needed and I already have a supplement for that which I just started taking. So, continuing to protect my liver remains key as well.  I always felt alcohol was particularly bad for me. Now I know it is for sure and I know why.

Ooh, I love that phrase. I know why. Ok it’s actually a sentence. It makes me happy. Everything I was doing to help myself was good, and will continue to be good, but it was all kind of like pouring water down a slightly clogged drain my whole life. Not methylating properly caused all kinds of things to slowly back up, slowly break down, slowly get worse. 48 years later and the tub is overflowing and I can’t compensate anymore. I was doing good things for myself, I was bailing as fast as I could, but I never got the drain unclogged. Now I know, and now I can.

It has occurred to me that many in my situation just call this aging. Doctors call this aging. It’s not. It’s biochemistry, but not aging. It’s epigenetics. And it is reversible and fixable and I will end up being healthier the older I get, instead of the opposite.

I ordered my 23 and me test to see if there might be any more pieces to the puzzle, as I mentioned, but this is a HUGE one and if there is anything else, I expect it will just be tweaking things.

I was very active outdoors on Saturday and on Sunday I was very tired. This is one of the things I’m hoping will correct itself. I want to be able to handle more and recover faster. I will not have to take buckets of supplements my whole life. I will get these pathways fired up and get my system back to better balance, and then it’s like maintenance and what Dr. Lynch calls pulsing supplements. You take some for a bit, and then you don’t. Maybe you have some you take a couple times a year for a while. It’s about trying things and paying attention. There are some I can take right when I might have a particular stressor, like an afternoon of dental work and a face full of anesthetic (still recovering from that, even I am surprised). Others might be daily, like a solid multivitamin with methylated forms of nutrients. The basics. And, I will get myself to menopause, well, at some point in the next few years. The ol’ estrogen pumps will shut down some on their own, but meanwhile I’ll get things working more smoothly and fingers crossed, avoid the more unpleasant symptoms commonly associated with this change and shift smoothly to the next phase of my life.

I have spent a lot of money on this journey. A lot. As I mentioned I’m grateful I have some to spend, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s all maintenance mode, no more tests and bills and procedures, and I can get back to saving some, enjoying some, and paying more on my debt. I’m ready to move on from this, move forward. I mean, I’ll always take care of myself and put my health first, but I’d prefer it just get integrated into the rest of my life more. Patience, I know. Almost there…

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