Aside from getting to the bottom of my hormonal imbalances and related health mysteries, I have been doing little else except stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). I suppose I should qualify that by saying, little else outside of my house, like with other people. Because I also have continued to go to work, do a lot of reading, play with my cats, and do my “Writing Down Your Soul” work. But, I digress….

SUP has been nothing but happiness and joy for me. I have been spending time with the awesome folks over at Carolina Paddleboard Co. at exit 30 in Davidson since July 4th, my first SUP outing. I then took a SUP technique class with April Zilg which was really helpful to dial in to the specifics of SUP technique, bought my own Hippo Stick sized just right for me, and put in the paddle hours on the really nice rental boards they have at CP. Perfect for beginners, they are stable, durable, and good quality so you can really get a feel for what SUP is. After a couple of months, I knew I was ready to get something that was more suitable for my frame and my overall needs. But where was I going to get the money to get a nice board? I figured I would wait until next year and just put money aside if I could. I mean, I have already whined about how much all of the tests cost me as well as the new supplements that I have tried (and which are working wonderfully, btw…I’m feeling better all the time and noticing all kinds of changes). But then they got this board in stock at the shop and I looked at her and fell in love. You see, whenever I get something like this, it has to look right to me. Yes, there are many very good quality beginner to intermediate skill level boards, multi purpose, all around just nice boards out there. But right away one brand caught my eye for a number of reasons. One…they offered a nice package that includes the board, the fins, a leash, a super nice carrying/storage bag, and even a paddle. (Since I already have custom paddle, I thought I could get an even better price if the paddle wasn’t included.) Two, they are high quality, well designed, and yes, just a tad more expensive than other brands, but they put that money into the finish. These boards are beautiful.

So, there she was, hanging on the wall. I admired her and then I was told I could make payments on a layaway and start using her right away. I could leave her there at the shop and paddle whenever I wanted and make monthly payments. Oh my. Well, I decided to ask the universe for some financial assistance and then evaluate my possessions again for things of value I no longer used and which no longer brought any joy or purpose into my life. Within a week I had secured extra funds totaling 3/4 of her total price and decided that was enough of a sign to move forward and pay her off over a few months. Allow me to present my new 10’4″ tall girlfriend, the Pulse Tremor:

Isn’t she lovely? I don’t have a picture of us together yet as I rarely have my phone/camera near the water, but I should ask someone to take one soon. After she’s paid for and it gets colder I will bring her home and she will hang out on the wall in my living room.  Then when I do my winter paddling on the days it is nice enough, I’ll just rent. I don’t want her out in the freezing winter all that time.

I’ve been out with her a few times, and there really is a big difference from the rental boards. This board is a little smaller, it’s shorter and more narrow and can hold up to 195 lbs. The rental boards are longer and wider and can hold I think around 260. So basically this board fits me better because with my frame and my strength, I don’t need to drag around all that extra volume of board because I don’t need that much displacement. I got my skill level up to where I can handle a more narrow board that is just a little less stable, but the positive trade is that she is a bit more nimble, easier to turn and smoother to ride through a wake. And yes, I’ll admit it. My vanity enjoys the compliments I get on her appearance. Every time I have taken her out, someone has said what a nice board, or what a pretty board. Thank you. I do think so as well.

But ultimately it’s about the feel on the water, and right away I knew I made a good choice for myself. I am sure she will do everything I want her to do, and even has the three fin configuration option if I should ever want to try to paddle in the surf (which at this time is not on my bucket list but you never know…).

Although I call her “her” and my 10’4″ girlfriend, I have no desire to give her a human name. It is a long story, but she does have a nickname. “Ruffles” This is due in combination of the similarity between the words ripples and ruffles, someone (not me) drinking some 11% ABV beer, and a guinea pig (RIP) I knew when I was in the fourth grade.

Despite my choice of delightful yet horrible word puns for the title of this post, I am quite certain that this was a purchase completely aligned with my authentic heart and soul, and one that was made totally for me and only me, influenced by nothing external. It is moving in the direction of what I find joyful, peaceful, and healthy for my mind, body, and spirit. I could not be more pleased.


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